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Smart And Sustainable Energy Consumption SASEC

The project "Smart and Sustainable Energy Consumption - SASEC" brought together four cross-border partners around common idea to contribute to achieving the EU climate and energy goals "20-20-20", through the promotion of energy stability in local communities in the cross-border region and improving opportunities for planning and managing integrated actions to save energy and use renewable energy sources.

The project represents an important step in solving the common problems of society and its citizens, increasing its responsibility towards energy efficiency and environmental protection. The project will make a significant contribution in the context of promoting the importance of preserving the environment and renewable energy sources, all with the goal of a better life for future generation.


Using a multidimensional approach in the implementation of the planned activities, the project will achieve the following significant results:

  • Established institutional support for sustainable energy development and application of the principles of energy efficiency in the cross-border region - Regional Center for Energy Efficiency;
  • Improved tcapacity of competent authorities and promoted cross-border network for education and research on environmental resources;
  • Raised awareness among target groups and the population about the importance of energy saving and the use of renewable sources in energy production - the development of a sustainable energy society.


Contribution to the achievement of the EU's climate and energy goals "20-20-20" through
the promotion of energy sustainability in the local communities of the cross-border region,
improving their capacity to plan and manage integrated energy-saving and renewable
energy generation actions.



City of Zrenjanin, Serbia.

Municipality of Timisoara
Regional Agency for socio economic development- Banat ltd
Romanian Sustainable Energy Cluster ROSENC, Romania

21 months; july 2019- march 2021.


852.001,50 EUR


Interreg IPA CBC Romania-Serbia.

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Project title: Smart and Sustainable Energy Consumption - eMS: RORS-300
Material editor: Regional Center for Energy Efficiency - Banat
Publishing date: September 2019 

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